Pickles A’plenty

It is pickle-planting season! My wife Brenda and I are deep in discussion about what kinds we want most, and how many to plant. Are we doing Sweet Jalapenos this year?

Gardening is one of my hobbies; it helps keep me from being just a clay person. Having interests besides clay keeps me fresh for ceramics. It also gives me a serious-sounding justification to purchase and maintain old yard equipment – simple, well-built machines with a story older than I am.

The gleaming new machines at the local tractor supply are more glamorous to me than celebrities walking the red carpet. “I need a Power Take-Off (PTO) rebuild kit for a 1969 Cub cadet 106,” I say. “Is it for sale,” my friends behind the counter ask eagerly. The let me know where they saw a tractor being dismantled for parts, or another implement they know would jazz me up and we chew the fat.

Planting new trees, starting a whole new bed give me reasons to get out the rototiller and make a lot of noise!