Selling work, whether through shows and galleries, or online sales has to fit into the rhythm of making and firing for me. When I am making work or wood firing, I have to focus on that type of work to the exclusion of sales. So, I am not always in a sales mode as some potters choose to be.

My online sales presence is tied to our wood firing schedule, and, starting in 2016, gas kiln firings. The 4:15 Agama wood firings occur approximately 3 times per year usually in May, August and November. After we unload, the pots need to be scrubbed, perhaps sanded a bit, measured and then photographed. A day or so later I am eager to share my latest creations online and post the photos on my website. I announce the date and time of the three sales a couple of weeks in advance and send e-mails to all of those signed up to receive them. Each piece is sold on a first come, first served basis.

I participate in approximately 6 shows a year; if you are signed up for e-mails from me you will be notified of those dates and places.  

My work is routinely available in Syracuse, NY through the Gallery at Clayscapes Pottery, Inc. and through the Gift Shop of the Everson Museum.